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Louisiana Oilmen’s Bass Invitational
Purchase your 2021 LOBI apparel Here!
All purchases MUST be picked up at the tournament registration on Thursday, April 8th!!

LOBI Apparel

The LOBI Short Sleeve Shirt will include the tournament logo. Each Shirt costs $45.00.

The LOBI Tournament 1/4 Fleece Pullover will include the tournament logo. Each Pullover costs $50.00.

The LOBI Lined Tournament Jacket will include the tournament logo. Each Jacket costs $65.00.

Please select the appropriate number and sizes of shirts, pullovers and jackets below:

Team Info

Please enter the Team Captain's name below
so that all merchandise can be distributed at the tournament:
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Tournament Short Sleeve Shirt

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  Medium Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  Large Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  XLarge Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  XXLarge Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  

Tournament 1/4 Fleece Pullover

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  Medium 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  Large 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  XLarge 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  XXLarge 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  

Lined Tournament Jacket

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  Medium Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  Large Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  XLarge Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  XXLarge Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  

Door Prize Donations

If you would like to donate Gift Cards as door prizes for the tournament,
please indicate below the number of cards you wish to donate:
  Quantity Description Price  
  Donation $50.00  
The LOBI Board of Directors would like to thank you for participating in this year's tournament!
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